Burçin Gözlüklü, Ph.D.

Managing Partner, Sworn-in Financial Advisor

T : +90 216 504 20 66
F : +90 216 504 20 67

Burçin serves as the managing director of Centrum Sworn-In Financial Advisory and Consulting since the beginning of 2015. He also serves as the tax associate of a Netherlands based consulting group, NXT Group of Companies, Istanbul Office. He also serves as the business partner of Van Campen/Liem, a Dutch based leading advisory firm for most of the Turkish conglomerates.

Burçin worked as a tax inspector within the Turkish Ministry of Finance Tax Inspectors Board for 10 years. Beginning from the mid-2008, he was appointed as the Secretary General of the Turkish Accounting Standards Board (now named as Public Oversight Board), and took the role of adopting the international accounting standards (IFRS/IASs) into Turkish legislation for 3 years. During this period, he participated as a member in the Asian - Oceanian Standard Setters Group (AOSSG) and as an observer member in the World Standard Setters (WSS) Group. He took an active role in drafting the new Turkish Commercial Code (TCC) and represented Turkey with respect to accounting and auditing related regulations of the new TCC during the negotiation process of the EU Acquis.

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Partner, Sworn-in CPA

T : +90 312 446 92 05
F : +90 312 446 92 04

He joined Centrum Auditing in 2019. He is working as a sworn-in CPA and Partner in the company.

Şaban worked in the Turkish Ministry of Finance as a Financial Auditor and Head of Strategy Unit. He worked in KPMG Turkey and Erdikler Taxand for 6 years. He has experience in taxation, incentives, R&D and internal control & compliance of local and multinational firms. He delivers tax consulting services for diversed company types operating in energy, mining, construction, R&D and technology driven companies and he has taken part of many projects, with experience in Turkish laws, incentives and R&D, foreign investment legislation and tax treaties.

He provides structural and transactional advice on the full range of corporate tax activities, including M&A and reorganisations. He also offers tax auditing for several local and international companies operating in numerous industries, as well as consulting for significant holding firms in Turkey.

Şaban is involved in many initiatives with NGO’s such as UsChambers, TUSIAD, International Investors Agency and Tax Council.

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Ramazan ORUÇ

Partner, Sworn-in CPA

T : +90 216 504 20 66
F : +90 216 504 20 67

Ramazan Oruç joined Centrum as tax services partner in 2019.

Ramazan worked as a tax inspector at the Turkish Ministry of Finance Tax Inspectors Board for about 13 years. During his tenure, he carried out high level tax audits on large tax payers’ accounts, audits on international taxation and transfer pricing, and money laundering investigations.

He led risk analysis projects conducted to reveal tax evasion risks for large-tax payers in different industries by using data mining tools.

He specilzed in transfer pricing and international taxation issues during his service at the Transfer Pricing Department of the Tax Inspectors Board for the last five years.

After leaving office in public sector, he has been working as Sworn-in CPA since 2017. He has provided services for tax certification, VAT refund, international taxation, transfer pricing and corporate restructuring to many companies in various sectors.

Ramazan received his BA degree in Business Administration from the Middle East Technical University, Faculty of Economic and Administrative Sciences. He has MPA degree specialized in “Financial Managment” from Carnegie Mellon University with the highest distinction.

He acted as the board mermber of Tax Inspector Foundation and Deputy Secretary General of Tax Inspectors Assouciation.

He hods Sworn-in CPA and Independent Auditors Licence.

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